The Three Pillars of our Ecosystem that Build Our Network and Shared to Everyone

NYDLA offers powerful tools to help you gain and make the best use of knowledge. Some of the systems can be complex to set up and time-consuming to maintain. You need to have systems that fit with your business and that will improve it without becoming a burden. 

All businesses could have access to an extensive pool of knowledge – whether this is their understanding of customers’ needs and the business environment or the skills and experience of staff. The way a business gathers, shares and exploits this knowledge can be central to its ability to develop successfully. This doesn’t just apply to huge multinational companies. Knowledge management can benefit everyone from a local newsstand to a manufacturing firm. NYDLA is and more. 

This is where you get to reach people who have massive wealth of knowledge that can grow your business from start, yielding you results above expectations. It is not a good thing to have inexperienced people working with and for you. Guess what, there are people with experience without having the knowledge. Just as there are people who can grow a business but cannot sustain it.

…..We have the Knowledge, we have the Experience, we have the Expertise. 

Years ago, NYDLA “just” sold Distance Learning. With the Internet, it became DIGITAL Learning. Today, EVERYTHING is now DIGITAL LIVING. But we still love our name “NYED-LA” Living, learning, working, playing – in the clouds. That’s what we do. We have the technology. Technology helps make remote work, work.

You will need access to the right software and conferencing tools to be as productive and efficient from home as in the office. Experts say it’s also crucial to deploy easily accessible training tools so employees can quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar technologies. At NYED-LA this is a cliche.

For videoconferencing, we use Zoom, Loom. Paul Pellman, CEO of Kazoo, a technology platform in Austin, Texas said that the ability to see the faces of your colleagues has always been important to create a sense of connectedness and camaraderie for remote workers but will grow even more important as many more people work from home.

For sharing files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, we use tools like Box, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

NYDLA uses technology: tools which help manage our communication and collaboration towards remote work. We use, provide and also partner with leadership of Zoom, Workplace from Facebook, Basecamp, Highrise, Freshbooks. These tools allow StratusStaff which our remote workers to communicate instantaneously or pose questions to colleagues without having to wade through threaded e-mail exchanges.

We don’t do distance learning. We just do DIGITAL LIVING.

It is true that hiring in today’s market isn’t easy especially for remote work. Today’s candidates expect a lot more from the people who they are working for, which means companies have to work harder than ever before to win over the people they really want on their teams. Looking for this talent might be difficult, but at NYDLA we have the right people for the job.

We are talking about the people who have been thoroughly trained to give you the best results. People who have taken their time to go through the process, understand the process, internalize the process and give you great results paid per hour.

This people in question, who have understood that the Way We WORK, is the WORK, are what NYDLA have called StratusStaff. And one of our top professionals who have been in the business for over 40years now, known as Thomas Capone, CEO of TAC-USA, you will get to enjoy his free service of consulting, managing your projects for better results.

We don’t do distance learning. We just do DIGITAL LIVING. 
We are NYED-LA” Living, learning, working, playing – in the clouds.

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