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“We are using “the pause” to rebuild “NYED-LA” from the inside out. 5.5M+ members shall soon become 10M+ due to COVID-19. 300+ of the Fortune 1000 and 46% of the Schools of Business (and their alumni) are now living, learning, working, playing – in the clouds. It was only a few months ago that we debated if “AI” was going to steal our jobs. Distance Education is now just Education. Telemedicine is now just Medicine. Remote Work is now just Work. The list goes on. KNOWLEDGE + TECHNOLOGY + TALENT is the new cloud economy.”

-Thomas Capone
 Chief Executive Officer at NYDLA

Become a member of a 5.5M+ Community of Experts

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If you are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Student, seeking for Employees, Remote Worker, Online Seller and more, then you are in the right place because NYDLA.com will give you the solutions for all your problems. We have different kinds of services that you can’t IMAGINE. Services like Entrepreneurs who wants to start a new business or Remote workers seeking for job opportunities, Online Coaching or Teaching and even Universities or Colleges who wants to start doing virtual classes.  What we have built for past 10 years is a continuous growing network of people making their living inside the Digital World.

Our company is continuously supporting our members around the world who started the Digital Living since 2011. They LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY in the CLOUDS. We always believe that Career is important but family is what we live for. In NYDLA.com we can balance CAREER and FAMILY at the same time. Our community knows the right people for you and the right way of doing it. This website has everything and you don’t need to go anywhere else because the TOP websites in your mind is now part of Our Network with over 5.5M+ members.

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In here you will find our Professionals speaking their thoughts and sharing their knowledge on how they made it that far. Watch and learn from them, while giving their personal insights on how to make a successful career in life. We also have members who trained themselves to enhance their skills and talents for you to succeed. Our network of Professionals is one of the foundations of our community and the reason why our members are keep coming back.


This is our Workplace, it’s a dedicated and secure working space for organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate. Organizations of all sizes can use familiar Facebook features like News Feed, groups, messages and events to get things done. As our collaboration continuously to grow and grow, we are also teaming up with other social media websites through this website. And everything can now be done all in one place.


Our Members receive benefits which include FREE fast shipping for eligible purchases, Technological Innovations, exclusive shopping deals and selection, unlimited reading, and more.

We are also one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the United States. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver significant savings and quality of service. Our core values of integrity, knowledge, innovation, flexibility and caring.

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We already mentioned that once you become a member, you will be part of a huge network and gain over 5.5M+ new connections. You might say that we only have small number of members compared to other websites, but who needs 50 million members that doesn’t produce compared to our 5.5M+ million of members who worked their entire life in this business and made themselves very successful. We only need a dozen of Experts to do the job of a hundred regular people.

Members NYDLA.com gets big discounts in all kinds of services and products they need. It can start from building a new website for their small or big businesses, buying marketing tools for your company, educational programs that you want to excel in, buying the best seller books or just purchasing items online. NYDLA.com collaborated and continuously building its network with the TOP websites and companies around the world and our members gets different special offers from those companies. Check our Partners page to have an idea who we are working with that belongs to our network.
After so many years of doing Digital Living, our company harnessed the KNOWLEDGE Network, the TECHNOLOGY Network and our TALENT Network. Experts that it is part of this community have been filtered and were personally hand-picked by our CEO to share their expertise and knowledge to our members. We will create an environment that will best suit your needs and start working with our Professionals directly anytime and anywhere in the world. We can also get you a team, staring with 3 people with the lowest rate that nobody can ever give you. They will help you to put a new business and the list goes on. Our methods in NYDLA.com are limitless privileges and advantages given to our members. Because our Member’s goals, becomes OUR goal. We find ways to make your lives better in Digital Living. We are all in this TOGETHER.

Here in NYDLA.com, our research team make their choices carefully in adding new Professionals, Marketing Tools, Online Coaches or Teachers, Remote Workers or Employees and more. Just to assure our members and to have that confidence on our side, that we are giving the best services, tools and people to our current and future members.
Together with our benefits, our Members receive big rewards from NYDLA.com. This goes to any member that can contributes to the growth of the company and make our services mush better. It can be from a member’s referrals, collaboration with non-member's or member's websites to our websites, giving us insights to any upcoming technology, up to being part of our EXPERTS and PROFESSIONALS network. We always recognize all the efforts being done to make us a better community, bigger network, best services available on the internet and more.

We make sure that our reward system will also help you grow and we will grow together as one community. We give rewards to those members we feel that they are doing different things to help other members of NYDLA.com as well. We have the best system already, but if you can contribute to make things better, then for sure NYDLA.com will reward your actions. And we will make sure that our reward will be worth it.
Become a member of a 5.5M+ Community of Experts

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NYDLA.com has a single mission that is to help all members to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE. It all starts from the Company, to our Professionals and especially to NYDLA’s Members. It’s all about keeping a strong and sustainable ecosystem for all members of NYDLA.com and making digital living possible. Our three pillars of foundation allow this company to have limitless resources to excel in all areas. We don’t want to grow by ourselves, what we want is to share everything we have. Because if we can help a member to be successful in his/her career. That means we are also successful, your goal is our goal, your mission is our mission and your success will be our success.

Because of the PANDEMIC happening right now around the world, people are starting to accept the NEW NORMAL. We believe that DIGITAL LIVING is now just called LIVING, BUYING ONLINE is now just BUYING, seeing your DOCTOR VIRTUALLY is now just seeing your DOCTOR and it goes on. People around the world are in search of new things and different ways to survive without compromising anyone’s health and safety. We all have to make a living and nothing could stop us from doing it even from the deadliest virus on earth. And NYDLA.com will give you the SOLUTION and make everything POSSIBLE for you. Together we can build the new future and together let us THRIVE and not just SURVIVE.

Become a member of a 5.5M+ Community of Experts
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