We have been Living, Learning, Working and Playing in the Clouds for Many Years

NYDLA.com started as just an organization of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business men and women, Students and Coaches in all ages, located in different parts of the world and in different time zones. As the years gone by, our organization became bigger and bigger, our members inside the organization are starting to help each other to thrive on what they do and be successful on their fields or businesses. Then NYDLA.com was born, a community who’s willing to support and help you to be successful, to build a bigger network for your marketing and to teach what they know and share their own personal experiences. This has been going on for more than 35 years.

Who we are is like your own privilege card, but so much bigger than that. Aside from getting big discounts from online tools, remote workers, and even FREE books, Paid Internships, Telemedicine and any benefits that you can imagine, we can provide it for you. The plus side of this, it is not only available on your local community or state. The privilege can be used around the world in all time zones. Don’t be surprise if you get items online with half the prize direct from the manufacturer and delivered into your door step or even a link for that licensed software you have wanted to purchase for a long time.

With the connections that we have from different Company Owners, renowned Personalities, Book authors, PRO Athletes, Doctors, Schools, College Universities and even Hollywood Actors, we have created a perfect community. We are a successful and strong network that nobody can build in just an overnight. We met Eighty percent (80%) of our partners and sponsors thru the internet and never had a chance to see in person. That’s why Digital Living is not a new thing for us, since we have been Living, Learning, Working and Playing in the clouds for past 35 years. And we never stop finding better ways for our members to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE.

That is why we never stop developing our KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY and TALENT. To share it with our members and make sure every member will be successful with their career and business, or we simply say a successful DIGITAL LIVING.

To start with NYDLA.com was never a company, we always see ourselves as a community or a network of connections. It starts from a person that knows someone and that someone knows somebody and that somebody happens to know everyone and that everyone knows everybody. Then the cycle begins again until the time we realized that our community already have more than 5.5M members. And Sixty percent (60%) of our members are Professionals like company owners, renowned personalities, Actors, Book Authors, PRO Athletes, Doctors, School and University owners, Software Developers and the list just keeps on going. And every member benefits from them, which they also benefits from our members. All these are being done in our PERFECTED CLOUD ECOSYSTEM.

We have a member who started to join us while he was still a College Student in MIT and now he owns a big software company that many companies are using now for their Marketing, Sales and CRM tools on their websites (CEO of HubSpot.com). A member who was an employee before and no one listened to his idea and had to start from scratch, but still holds on to his vision. He is now a multi-billionaire, owner and developer of a video conference application, which is used worldwide (CEO of Zoom.com). And we can go on with the success stories of our other members and the people who joined us for the past 35 years. This only shows that we are not an ordinary community, we a have a list of entrepreneurs and professionals that has been very successful in DIGITAL LIVING.

You might not be able to use all the benefits we are offering, but we assure you, being part of NYDLA.com, you will always find what you’re looking for in our community. Because our partners, sponsors and members has been LIVING, LEARNING, WORKING and PLAYING in the CLOUDS for more than 35 years of  PERFECTED COMMUNITY.

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